Project Management

Umbarank Consult Ltd has a progressive, multi-disciplined project support team that can work independently or alongside the project owners. We supply crucial and specialist resource when it is needed – to achieve project budgets, schedules, quality and most importantly safety requirements.


We have a network of professional project consultants to successful deliver projects from front end studies all the way through to full turnkey project management. We offer our services across a range of chosen industries. This helps us to learn and take ideas from non-competing clients who are facing similar problems and thereby suggest alternative and more cost effective solutions without breaking client confidentiality. This approach ‘adds-value’ and helps us to develop long term relationships with our clients.


Our team of project management consultants provides project support services to clients in such areas as:

o     Project Economic Analysis

o     Project Scoping

o      Project Planning

o      Project Scheduling

o     Cost Estimation

o     Quality Control/Quality Assurance

o      Resource Management

o      Tender/Licensing Document Preparation
o      Project Supervision and Cordination
o     General Project Management

Please contact us for a discussion of how Umbarank Consult may help you with any aspect of your Project Management activities.