Process Engineering Calculations ::


Umbarank Consult’s process calculation/estimation services offer very quick results that comply with appropriate engineering standards and international design codes. This service assists clients with quick process parameter estimates that aid preliminary process design verification, validation or decision making. Our capability in providing quick process engineering calculation deliverables demonstrates our process engineers’ proficiency in the use and application of a range of process engineering calculation spreadsheets and standard process simulation tools. From tailor-made calculation spreadsheets through intuitive engineering tools like MathCAD and ChemCAD to industry simulation software like Hysys, Unisim, PROII, Pipesim, Pipephase, Tacite, FlareNet, FRED and Olga, Umbarank engineers make use of them.

These process engineering calculations that aid technical/business decision making during the project development, execution or operation phases may include, but not limited to:

Equipment Design

§         Double pipe heat exchanger

§         Vacuum system sizing – Estimation of air leakage and evacuation rates

§         Multiphase separator sizing – Vertical

§         Multiphase separator sizing – Horizontal

§         Sizing of air coolers by GPSA method

§         Preliminary sizing of shell and tube heat exchangers in refineries

§         Preliminary sizing of heat exchangers in LNG

§         Pump sizing

§         Pressure vessel – Selection between bullet and sphere

§        Batch heating/cooling time estimation – Advanced calculation

§         Estimation of number of stages for compressors

§        Estimation of number of stages for crude/condensate stabilization

§         LPG loading and unloading calculations

§         Reboiler - Kettle type



§         Hydraulics of liquid distribution network

§         Hydraulics of vapour/gas distribution network

§        Estimation of drain time for tank/vessel with extended piping


Pipeline / piping design

§         Pipe thickness and schedule of carbon steel and stainless steel pipe grades per ASME B31.3

§         Heat loss/gain for piping or pipeline

§         Estimation of pressure surge

§        Estimation of pipeline/process system depressuring

§         Estimation of Hydrate formation temperatures and pressures

§         Pipeline design - Quick estimates

§         Hydrate inhibitor injection


Valves Sizing

§         Control valve sizing – Gas service

§         Control valve sizing – Liquid service

§         Control valve sizing – Two phase flow


Pressure relief, flare and blowdown

§         Pressure relief valve sizing – Gas service

§         Pressure relief valve sizing – Liquid service

§         Pressure relief valve sizing – Thermal Expansion

§         Flare KO drum sizing

§         Estimation of flare radiation and sizing of flare utilities

§         Estimation of blow-down effects on pressure vessels

§         Estimation of Closed Blowdown/Drain Vessel capacity and sizing



§         Cooling water summary and calculations

§         Chilling medium summary and calculations

§         Instrument air summary and calculations

§         Thermic fluid (hot oil) summary and calculations



§         Estimation of viscosity for blending of various oil fractions

§         Estimation of losses from internal floating roof storage tanks

§         Natural gas dehydration - Quick estimates

§         Estimation of amine flows and utilities for gas sweetening

§         Combustion temperature of fuel gas

§         Wobbe index estimation (fuel gas heating value)

§         Crude oil heating value estimation

§         Reboiler heat load calculation

§         Heating coil in storage tanks

§         Estimation of deluge requirement


Oil & Gas

§         C7+ Characterization

§         Partial Volumes

§         Gas Volume Fraction (GVF)

§         Component Properties Estimation/Data

§         Minimum temperature calculations

§         Gas Emission factors

§         Settle-out pressures and temperatures

§        Slug volume estimation – Ramp-up slugs & Cunliffe Methods

§         Slugcatcher sizing - Vessel and Finger type

§        Separator Sizing - two phase/ three phase (vertical, horizontal & boot types)

§         Tank Sizing

§         Pump Calculations

§         Compressor calculations

§         Heat exchanger calculations

§         Depressuring calculation

§         Flare network capacity checks and calculations

§         Flowline/Pipeline Sizing

§         Relieve Valve (PSV) Calculations

§         Chemical Injection Calculations

§         PVT Analysis and Validation

§         Crude Oil Assay Characterization

§         Phase Envelope Generation

§         Hydrate Formation Calculations

§         Fuel gas Requirement Estimation – GTGs, IC Engines and Heaters

§         Pigging Calculations - Rate/Duration/Frequency

§         Liquid Hold up Calculations

§         Heat and Mass Balance

§         Turndown Calculations


These process calculation results, spanning sizing and rating information, may be delivered in the form of tables, charts, reports, or a combination of all.
Please contact us for a discussion of how Umbarank Consult may help you with any aspect of your Process Engineering Calculations activities