Feasibility Study ::

Project opportunities arise when clients contemplate a new process plant or major process expansion. These opportunities, which come through outside proposals, management directives, or individual initiatives, can target revenue growth, expense reductions, strategic growth, or improved reliability, efficiency or maintenance. When presenting these project opportunities, the clients usually have more questions than answers, typical of which is whether the idea will work or not? Umbarank Consult is able to assist by providing experienced and knowledgeable process engineers that can identify, assess and systematically narrow down, the possible technical options for a given process goal.

We first identify the opportunities by evaluating their values and identifying key risks and uncertainties. Umbarank engineers evaluate these opportunities on a consistent basis to achieve accurate relative comparison. By necessity this occurs at the major unit operations level. Once the viable technical options are identified, an economic evaluation is performed. The basis for the first decision gate is typically a cost estimate with premises for economic modeling typically ranging from –20% to +50%. Based on technical merits, system reliability, and economics (capex and opex), and other factors, a preferred choice is usually clear as to which direction the future process design should take.

Depending on client/project requirement, Umbarank engineers may produce some of these preliminary process deliverables to facilitate proper identification and assessment of the feasible technical options:

  • Process Block Diagram
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Process Calculations
  • Process Simulations
  • Heat & Mass Balance
  • Flow Assurance (Steady State)
  • Process Design Philosophy
  • Utilities Design Philosophy
  • Process Control Philosophy


Please contact us for a discussion of how Umbarank Consult may help you with any aspect of your Feasibility Study activities.