Process Optimization ::

Millions of dollars in capital and operating costs can be saved on many projects by performing optimization studies up front . At Umbarank Consult our Process Optimization services aim at increasing return on investment for process plant owners by improving plant profitability. Our Process Optimization engineers use detailed predictive process engineering models, tools and approaches to reduce costs, increase throughput or quality and support capital decisions.

Umbarank Process Optimization methodology uses key elements of process engineering models to identify significant process improvements. These often may not involve capital expenditure – they may identify actions as simple as changing process operating temperature and pressure, or implementing a modified process schematic.  In many cases the same model can be used for many different investigations and process sensitivities, or applied on a regular basis as market conditions change thereby generating multiple returns on investment in modeling activities.


There are many benefits to optimizing your existing process using model-based process improvement techniques.  For example, modeling can often identify ways to achieve the following without significant capital expenditure:

  • improve business targets,
  • optimize plant throughput
  • improve product quality  and yield
  • reduce energy costs
  • reduce raw material costs
  • improve return on capital employed
  • extend catalyst life, reducing cost
  • improve process controls and plant operations.
  • enhance compliance with environmental requirements.
  • improve plant total safety requirements.
  • reduce plant CAPEX and OPEX.

Umbarank Consult process optimization services include:

  • Verification of throughput, product quality, and yield
  • Assessment of process performance and operating cost
  • Process sequencing to create flow
  • Developing Process Equipment and Process Plant Operating Envelope
  • Plant Capacity Check study
  • Process plant and Utilities Debottlenecking study
  • In-plant  assessment and troubleshooting
  • Optimization of unit operations
  • Operational Support
  • Development of energy management plans / PINCH assessment
  • Prototype process simulation
  • Process Calculations 
  • Dynamic & Steady State Process Modeling/Simulations/Analysis/Studies
  • Lean principles to minimize waste.
  • Maintenance programs to improve on-line availability
  • Various specialist process studies to improve process facility key performance indicators.

Our process engineers are capable of providing these turn-key services to our clients’ at any of the opportunity realization phases: from feasibility studies, through conceptual design, front-end design, to detailed engineering, and operation phases.

Fees for these services typically represent a very small fraction of the values we are able to generate, and we complete our work in a timeframe that does not impact your project schedule.
Please contact us for a discussion of how Umbarank Consult may help you with any aspect of your Process Plant Optimization activities.