Front-End Engineering Design ::

Front end engineering design (FEED) is critical to the long-term success or failure of the overall objectives of the plant project.  While the business plan identifies the economic opportunity, the Front End Design (FEED) will establish the set of process operating conditions and specify the equipment to achieve the level of reliability, efficiency, and safety required. Because this design phase sets the direction for the rest of the project, proper process specification is very crucial its success. That is why clients that select a firm like Umbarank Consult which specializes in process engineering design make the best strategic choice in realizing their new plant or process modification project.

Umbarank engineers have  the capability to deliver Pre-FEED as well as full FEED depending on clients’ requirements and needs. With the Pre-FEED work we typically provide our clients with complete basis for design especially where this is neither available nor properly done at the conceptual design stage.
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Once the design basis is in place, and agreed upon by our client, Umbarank process engineers progress to create, analyze, optimize and specify the many aspects of the process parameters, philosophies and equipment that defines your plant design. The concepts and philosophies defined in earlier conceptual phase are developed by Umbarank process engineers to a degree of definition enabling project budgets to be accurately assessed and implementation schedules to be set. The end result is process FEED packages that may be used as the basis for obtaining competitive tenders from EPC contractors. Umbarank process engineering experts are capable of delivering the following set of process documentation that describes the process from which future, more detailed engineering design work can be done:

·        Process Basis of Design
·        Process Design Philosophy
·        Utilities Design Philosophy
·        Relief, Blowdown &Flaring Philosophy
·        Isolation Philosophy
·        Safeguarding Philosophy
·        Metering and Allocation Philosophy
·        Process Control Philosophy
·        Sparing Philosophy
·        Flare Study
·        Blowdown Study
·        Process Block Diagram
·        Process Simulations
·        Flow Assurance
·        Heat & Mass Balance
·        Process Flow Diagrams
·        Utility Flow Diagrams
·        Process Engineering Diagrams
·        Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
·        Process Equipment Data Sheets
·        Relief Valve Sizing
·        Line list
·        Equipment List
·        Utility Load Summaries
·        Emissions Register
·        Cause and Effect Charts
·        Operating Manual
·        Operating Philosophy
·        Tie-in Schedule
·        Valve Schedule
·        Process Data Sheets
·        Heat Exchanger Thermal Rating
·        Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions and Energy Efficiency (EE) Report

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