Process Engineering



Umbarank Consult provides specialist Process Engineering  services focused on delivering professional process designs and optimized process engineering support services to the process industry.


Umbarank Consult has a team of flexible and responsive process engineering consultants with real project execution experience - a team that can actually deliver their concepts and design in the field and see the successful start-up of facilities they have designed.


Our talented team of process engineers is highly experienced professionals who work with clients from the very earliest feasibility and concept engineering design stages of a potential project through front-end engineering design and detailed engineering design to the optimal development solution for your process facility to ensure earliest delivery of your revenue stream.

Umbarank  process engineers have broad industry expertise, including in-depth experience in the following project phases:

Our upstream oil and gas expertise spans onshore and offshore Greenfield and Brownfield developments including Infield Facilities & Flowlines, Oil & Gas Field Development, Crude Oil Separation & Treatment, Gas Treatment & Compression, Floating Solutions, and Pipelines.

Umbarank process engineers can assist in the design of the following key upstream process and utility systems: Oil/Gas Well-heads, Flowlines, Manifolds, Bulklines, Trunk lines, Export Line, Pipelines, Slugcatcher, Separators, Crude Oil Dehydration, Crude Oil Stabilization, Emulsion Treatment Plants, Scrubbers, Pump Stations, Compression Stations, Booster Compression Systems, Gas Dehydration Systems, Gas Dew-Pointing Systems, Glycol Regeneration Systems, Process Gas Handling Facility, Produced Water Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Systems, Fuel Gas Systems, Pig Launchers, Pig Receivers, Metering Stations, Vent Stacks, Open And Closed Drain Systems, Corrosion Inhibition Injection Systems, Overhead Water Storage Tanks, Chemical Additive Injection Systems, Hydrate Inhibition TEG, Glycol Day Vessel/Tank, Sump Vessel, Flare Systems, Flare Knock-Out Vessels/Drums, Nitrogen Plants/Distribution Systems, Power Generation/Distribution Systems, Instrument Air Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Diesel Storage/Dispensing Systems, Drain Systems, Sand Collection Systems/Tanks, Crude Storage Tanks, Crude Export Systems, and Gas Export Systems.

Although Umbarank process engineering is primarily focused on meeting the needs of the onshore/offshore upstream oil and gas, gas processing, LNG, LPG, NGL  and gas-to-liquids (GTL) markets, we have a flexible team with strong technical professionalism in the process industry to deliver creative engineering solutions to clients in midstream and downstream process industries such as chemical, petro-chemical, refining, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, food/water/beverage processing, etc sectors.


Because Umbarank Consult  also has a competent team of project management, environmental and business consultants, our designs are practical, green, fit-for-purpose and based on local knowledge and delivering strategic business objectives.


In our usual spirit of delivering performance,  Umbarank process engineering go out to deliver what it commits to deliver to the client, always.


Please contact us for a discussion of how Umbarank Consult may be able to help you with any aspect of your process engineering activities.