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Our Core Values

Integrity:                   we will behave ethically, honestly and lawfully.
Delivery:                   we will work professionally to deliver what we have committed to deliver.
Environment:           we will preserve our natural environment by preventing pollution, conserving energy, and complying with environmental laws and regulations.
Accountability:         we will work to clear and mutually accepted responsibilities, engage in hands-on management and decision-making, and accept appropriate rewards and consequences.
Safety:                       we will use the latest safety techniques to ensure world-class safety on all of our projects.
Respect:                    our business relationship with our stakeholders’ will be based on mutual trust and respect for values, religion, culture, and partnership to achieve local content.
Performance:            we will focus on consistently meeting or exceeding our clients' performance targets.
As a professional consultant, Umbarank Consult undertakes to become its clients’ trusted IDEAS ReP ®