Green House Gas (GHG) ::

Greenhouse gases  (GHG) in the earth’s atmosphere trap energy and maintain the earth’s surface temperature warmer than it would otherwise be. After water vapour, CO2 is the most common GHG in the atmosphere. Other greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide and various compounds containing fluorine) have greater ability to trap energy but are found in much lower concentrations in the atmosphere.  Due to concerns over the risks of climate change, a number of countries have adopted, or are considering the adoption of, regulatory frameworks to reduce GHG emissions, including cap and trade regimes, carbon taxes, increased efficiency standards, and incentives or mandates for renewable energy.  Umbarank Greenhouse Gas Services focus on GHG reduction; via methodologies that reduce the  main GHG emitted through the production of energy and regular human activities.
Umbarank GHG offers full turnkey consulting services to help you to achieve your GHG emission reduction objectives.

Our services include:

  • Supply chain mapping and identification of GHG sources.
  • Calculating your carbon footprint.
  • Developing GHG policy and setting objectives.
  • Identifying energy reduction initiatives and other GHG emission reduction strategies.
  • Developing marketing plans to position your zero GHG products.
  • Helping you to offer offset purchasing to your customers through your customised website.

To be successful in offsetting your carbon footprint, Umbarank GHG assists in integrating your GHG reduction business strategy with your larger business objectives. This is achieved by careful analysis of your carbon footprint and developing your GHG reduction plan. The Umbarank GHG process is as follows:

  • Define an environmental policy for your organisation, product or service.
  • Evaluate GHG emission sources. The analysis covers the entire supply chain from reception of starting materials to the transportation and delivery of your products.
  • Calculate carbon footprint. With your GHG emission sources identified your carbon footprint is calculated by evaluating the impact of these emissions in equivalent metric tons of CO2 .
  • Set your GHG reduction objectives. Determine what portion of your footprint can be addressed through reduction of emissions at source and what portion will be offset through carbon credits.
  • Implement GHG reduction initiatives.
  • Offset balance to achieve your objectives or to demonstrate ALARP GHG emissions.

Umbarank GHG also provides other key Greenhouse Gas Services such as:

Our GHG services follow the United Nations sanctioned ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol set of standards .  The beauty of this standard is its flexibility.  GHG Project services generated to this standard can be adapted with ease to meet the requirements of GHG programs in Annex I Nations to the Kyoto Protocol and United Nations signatories to the Kyoto Protocol.  While ISO 14064 specicifies "what to do", the GHG Protocol shows "how to do". Also, Umbarank GHG specialists are familiar with and can develop services to other industry standards such as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), Plan Vivo System (PVS), Environmental Resources Trust (ERT) , and Green-e.  As a result, a plan written to these standards forms a solid foundation for GHG opportunities locally and abroad.

GHG Project Planning

Umbarank GHG consultants have generated numerous GHG Master plans for Onshore Flow Stations, NAG Pipeline/End facility, Gas Facilities, Oil Terminal and Offshore FPSO in the Oil & Gas sector. These plans deal primarily with GHG footprint reduction for:

  • New and developing GHG friendly technologies
  • Capital improvement projects
  • Existing GHG friendly technologies
GHG Project Plan Validation

Umbarank GHG provides validation services for clients that have a GHG Project Plan.

Validation is the systemic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of the proposed project activities in a GHG Project Plan against agreed validation criteria.

Validations can be performed by a Program Authority to the GHG Project Plan (a second party) or an independent validation body (a third party) such as  Umbarank Consult.
We will plan, execute and complete GHG Project Validation in accordance with the fundamentals of validation.  This includes the assessment of the:
  • objectives,
  • criteria,
  • level of assurance,
  • materiality, and
  • scope of the GHG Project.

Umbarank GHG consultants will ultimately reach a decision and issue a statement regarding the findings and quality of the validation.

Peer review provides a quality check of our work.  Our group of examined validation and verification experts provides internal peer review. 

GHG Project Verification

Umbarank GHG consultants conducts verification services for clients with a GHG Assertion.

Verification is the systematic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of the GHG Assertion against agreed verification criteria.

Verifications can be performed by a Program Authority to a GHG Project Plan (a second Party) or an independent verification body (a third Party) such a Umbarank Consult.

We will plan, execute and complete GHG project verifications in accordance with the fundamentals of verification determining and assessing:

  • level of assurance,
  • objectives,
  • criteria,
  • scope, and the
  • materiality of a client's GHG Assertion.
Umbarank GHG consultants will ultimately reach a decision and issue a statement regarding the findings and quality of the verification.
Strategic GHG Related Advisory
Many corporations are too busy “taking care of business” to become experts in the rapidly developing arena of GHG Credit generation and sale. GHG experts at Umbarank Consult  assist companies determine what and how to look at their GHG situation. After determining your GHG quantification exposure or assets, we provide you with an Environmental Report proposing options and suggestions that will assist your company in determining how to maximize shareholder value through management of GHGs. These reports find relevance at the corporate citizenship or environmental sustainability sections of clients’ annual reports. Our recommendations may classically have strategic impact or result in modifications to business tactics.


GHG Projects Design and Implementation

Umbarank GHG consultants can help clients design and implement projects to offset their greenhouse gas emissions or erase their carbon footprint. We can design and implement a diverse range of projects that reduce GHG emissions footprint and supply to companies with strong business policy on zero GHG process. 

We can also assist our clients understand how the voluntary carbon markets work as well as provide opportunities for resale and wholesale of verified emission reductions.
Make Umbarank Consult a trusted ally in assisting your company understand how our GHG services  can benefit your organization and stakeholders.
Please contact us for a discussion of how Umbarank Consult may help you with any aspect of your Green House Gas activities.