Environmental Impact Assessment ::

Companies must continue to work with external stakeholders to manage the impact of their operations on the environment in which they operate. If this process is not right, companies and their host communities can have no sustainable future.


Responsible companies may decide to carryout Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on their development projects as an act of good corporate citizenship.


However, in most cases, it is a statutory requirement for companies to carryout Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on all such projects with activities that impact the environment and the socio-economic wellbeing of host communities. These development projects may involve oil and gas developments (such as seismic exploration activities, drilling operations, construction of crude oil and gas handling facilities, or laying of crude oil and gas delivery line etc) as well as non-oil and gas activities (such as land reclamation, dredging and construction - housing estate, sewage system, landfill, road  etc.).


It is the responsibility of those implementing projects to ensure that projects are managed according to the plans developed in the EIA during the entire life of the project.


Umbarank EIA team of environmental experts is capable of assisting clients with completing any of the following EIA phases:


  • Preliminary EIA Investigation
  • EIA Consultation Process
  • Development of EIA Proposal
  • EIA Study Scoping
  • Detailed work plan
  • Field investigation
  • Impact Assessment Process
  • Preparation of Draft EIA Report
  • Preparation of Final EIA Report


Umbarank Consult involvement during the EIA process may include:


  • Design field teams to meet the intent and requirements of the Terms of Reference
  • Assemble a field team meeting the required specifications
  • Provide work strategy
  • Attend meetings with regulators and stakeholders as appropriate
  • Write scoping report and provide work plan
  • Carry out data gathering and literature review
  • Write EIA report following approved format
  • Make milestone presentation to proponents
  • Submit EIA report to client EIA Project team
  • Help in the defence of EIA report at panel review
  • Incorporate comments into EIA report
  • Attend public hearings
  • Ensure quality and comprehensiveness of reports submitted
  • Carry out all activities in accordance with client’s HSE policy and procedures and in line with Regulatory requirements
  • Apply the highest professional ethics in EIA execution
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